What is Climate Agriculture Alliance?

Agriculture can be a major contributor in the fight against climate change when combined with Carbon Finance mechanisms.

To help the mechanism of carbon contribution through agriculture to grow, our goal is:
  • Achieve an open and secure system for the unique registration of farmers’ carbon credits
  • Build Awareness among the industry players
  • Propose rigorous frameworks for implementing agricultural carbon finance

Key success factors

Market trust

Carbon finance needs reinsurance with sequestration permanence and measurable performance

Quality projects

Projects need to be of high quality,  with local offset, trusted indicators, clear certification and viable partners


Carbon is a mean to accelerate the agro-ecological transition. Co-benefits are essential for the success of projects

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Carbon Farming can accelerate agricultural transition to effectively fight climate change. I am convinced we need transparency and collaboration to reinforce trust and help deliver the greatest benefits for climate, farmers and nature.
Mathieu TOULEMONDE - CEO of TerraTerre
Let's build confidence and trust in the European Carbon farming market and help our farmers transition to a more sustainable agriculture!
Francois Thierart - MyEasyFarm
Soil Capital's aim is to reward farmers who fix the planet. It is essential to strengthen the credibility, and value, of their impact. This is what CAA achieves.
Chuck de Liedekerke - Soil Capital
Funding climate action is necessary if we want to fuel a large scale adoption of regenerative agriculture. The CAA aims at reinforcing the reliability and trust in carbon finance.
Etienne Variot - RIZE

We build a
European Alliance
to strengthen
carbon benefits
for farmers


Unify and represent the industry


Promote a healthy development of Agriculture x Carbon finance


Create events and explanatory tools

We represent Agriculture entrepreneurs!

who have developed solutions
linked to carbon finance
who have developed solutions linked to carbon finance

Address Carbon farming
challenges in Europe

Double counting

How to make sure one plot is counted once within all the existing mechanisms?


What are the main hurdles for the carbon finance to really accelerate the transition?


How to make sure we avoid building a future financial bubble?

Farmer value

How to make sure farmers get their parts of the created value?

The unique identification platform for carbon farming projects

As a concrete first step, we propose to develop a software with the following objectives:

How does the product work:

Check & register a farm into a centralised and encrypted database
You enter a farm's SIRET number
The system tells if the farm is registered in a compatible programme to yours
Register unencumbered and compatible farms into your own programme
The compatible programme is notified

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Our partners

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